TNM Super League: all games cancelled at Rumphi stadium

TNM Super League
TNM Super League

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has certified Rumphi stadium not fit to host super league games after a visit by its officials under the phase 2 of Club licensing.

Rumphi stadium which was to be used by Moyale Barracks as its home ground in the 2019 season is said to have fallen short of the requirements needed to host a top flight match.

FAM Club Licensing and Compliance manager Casper Jangale said a lot needs to be done at Rumphi stadium for it to start hosting Super League games.

” We visited the stadium and we have seen that it can not host Super League games as it does not have terraces for spectators to sit on and toilets despite the pitch being in good condition “, Jangale said.

With FAM having not approved the stadium to host Super League games, football loving fans in the district are yet to meet with the district Council Officials to map the way forward as they don’t want to travel long distances to Karonga or Mzuzu stadium to watch Super League games this year.

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