TNM Super League: Ticket sales to go online

TNM Super League
TNM Super League

The sponsors of the country’s top flight league Telecom’s Network Malawi (TNM) and the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) are set to introduce the electronic ticketing for super league games this season as one way of enhancing money accountability through the Mpamba mobile money service.

TNM’s public relations and sponsorship manager Limbani Nsapato said they had been trying the system for the past two seasons in selected TNM Super League games and that the trial period showed positive results and Nsapato said the initiative is still in its development stages.

“We have been trying the system in the past two seasons and the response was very good.

“The trial period taught us alot and those lessons will help us in the full development of the Mpamba Electronic ticketing for the Super League games “, Nsapato said.

On their part , SULOM president Tiya Somba Banda who was treasure of the body in the trial period of the Mpamba Electronic ticketing said it will be a welcome development to introduce e-ticketing.

“We received a good response from the public as tickets were sold at a discount through Mpamba.  It also helped teams as they got their revenue share before the game which helps clubs to properly budget for things like accommodation and transport.

“The system will also reduce queuing at stadium gates on match day as fans will not be waiting for cashiers to count money and all that happens “, Banda said.

Tiya Somba Banda further said that the system had some challenges which need to critically be looked at.

“The Electronic ticketing system will need validation machines at stadiums and it needs opening of gates at the venue of the games very early to avoid delayed entry into the stadium.

Last month,  the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) used Electronic ticketing during the ECO Bank Charity Shield a development the body’s marketing and commercial manager Limbani Matola described as a success.

“We used the Electronic ticketing system during the ECO Bank Charity Shield and it was a success as there was order and sanity during the four games . There was no fraud and no fake tickets which ensured maximum revenue “, said Matola.

Currently the TNM Super League establishes ticket selling point for games or let fans pay at the gate.

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