Today’s 5 Big Tanzanian stories


1. A man slaughters his wife in Tanga

A Kwamaraho resident from Tanga region, Juma Hemed(45) is under the police arrest for the accusation to have slaughtered his wife Amina Hussein(38) to death.

The Tanga Regional Commissioner, Edward Bukombe proved the incident to had occurred.

2. South Unguja District officer orders a business woman a 24hr grace period to vacate

The Unguja District Officer Idrissa Kitwana Mustafa said that his decision to order the business woman within 24hrs Salome John to vacate from that district was meant for her security and not otherwise.

The residents claim that this situation has led to marriages conflicts among themselves.

3. Life sentence Prisoners meet in the prison and marry

A Soweto resident from Moshi in Kilimanjaro region who was sentenced for 30years for the case of robbery with violence and served 20years said that realizing his rights saved him in appealing for his case.

4. Tanzania government secures old mother’s land after 42 years of starving

An old widow, Nasi Muruo (98) who claimed her land since 1979 has been responded today 8th July 2019.

The order was made by the minister of Land House and Sanitation, William Lukuvi to rescue the 8acres land at Sinoni in Arusha.

The old lady has thanked the government.

5. Buffalo John’s death from Serengeti national park trends in the socila media

Buffalo John passed away in Sasakwa Gruneti reserve due to sickness failure to be attended when he got sick.

Buffalo John is praised by many tourists who visit Serengeti for multiplying the number of buffalo’s in the park.

John’s death raised confusion to the citizens and the Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa formed a committee that for investigation of his death.


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