Top 10 worthless currencies in Africa


10. Malawian Kwacha (1 USD = 722 Malawian kwacha)

 The kwacha is the currency of Malawi as of 1971, replacing the Malawian pound.

  1. Rwandan Franc (1 USD = 855.56 RWF)

The Rwandan franc is the currency of Rwanda, although it was introduced in 1960.

  1. Dr Congo Franc (1 USD = 1596 Congolese franc)

 Africa’s leading copper producer has been affected by low commodity prices and cutbacks in the mining sector, which have eaten away at foreign exchange reserves and heaped pressure on the franc.

  1. Burundian Franc (1 USD = 1749 BIF)

Burundian Govt has already imposed restrictions on food exports to neighbouring countries in a bid to keep inflation down.

  1. Tanzanian shilling (1 USD = 2234 shilling)

Tanzania can boast of political stability, relative safety and been among the top 5 largest economy in east Africa.

  1. Malagasay Ariary (1 USD = 3199.65 Ariary)

Despite achieving independence in 1960, Madagascar is still largely run like a colony with an economy closely tied to resource extraction

  1. Ugandan Shilling (1 USD =3603 UGX)

The country imports more than it exports, so money is constantly leaving the country, which undermines the value of the shilling

  1. Sierra Leonean Leone (1 USD = 7670 SLL)

Sierra Leone is and has always been a very poor African country, and just like many of those rapidly growing, fundamentally flawed economies.

It is plagued by trade deficit.

  1. Guinean Franc (1 USD = 8998 GNF)

The Guinean Franc is the second weakest currency in Africa.

  1. Sao tome and principle Dobra (1 USD = 20808 STD)

The Sao tome and principle Dobra is not a strong currency on the international market it is also the weakest currency in Africa


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