Top 4 leagues in Europe and VPL in Tanzania

EPL - English Football League
EPL - English Football League

1. Spain (LA LIGA)

Atletico Madrid will finish the first, Real Madrid the Second, Barcelona the Third and Valencia in the fourth position.

Why i place Atletico Madrid at the first position instead of the other? I am smelling something in Barcelona that is not good for them this season. These young lads under Diego Simeon will do a fantastic job this season.

Never underestimate Zinadine Zidane squad as everything will change at any time because currently, he has a lot of injuries in the squad.

2. England (EPL)

After Manchester City winning a tittle for the second time, i bet for them to come for the third time. Arsenal under Unai Emery will finish in the second position followed by Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs.

In the race of top four, i don’t see the chance for Manchester United and Chelsea this season. Everton and Wolverhampton will continue making a top six race very entertaining.

3. Italy (Serie A).

Once again, Christian Ronaldo under Cigarette master Sarri will be hoping to help Juventus to win a Serie tittle. This season Juventus winning a tittle will not be a simple task as AC Milan, Napoli, Internazionale Milan and Atalanta are good enough to make fantastic challenge.

My hope is, Juventus will lead the race, AC Milan at the second position and Napoli at third position then Inter Milan will close the top four.

4. Germany (Bundasliga)

When your just talking about Germany football, obvious you have to include Bayern Munchen Fc. Currently, Bayern Munchen has dominated the German football despite of the presence of different clubs like RB Leipzig, B. Dortmund and the like.

My take this season are like, Bayern Munchen will lead the race, B. Dortmund in the second position, B. Leverkusen on the third position and RB Leipzig will close the top four race in Bundasliga.

5. France (Ligue 1)

Once again in France, PSG will continue dominating the league with close assistance from Lyon, Nice and Bourdeaux at the fourth position.


Simba SC was knocked out in CAF Champions League by UD Songo from Mozambique few weeks ago. Yanga SC is going to play against Zesco from Zambia on Saturday, and Azam will play against Triangle Fc at Chamazi complex the same day.

All of these teams are competing for VPL tittle of 2019/2020. No one is hoping to loose but in every battle there is a looser and a winner. Simba Sc has nothing to loose this season in order to clear a weather for the honor of their beloved fans.

My bet is, Simba Sc will win a VPL tittle, followed by Azam FC and then KMC FC will take a third place and finally Yanga SC will take at fourth position.


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