Top richest women in the world


Often, when we speculate to think about richest people in the world, we cannot imagine of a woman in the list.

Some of which have acquired the wealth from their ancestral properties while some have made it to the list with their own diligence and incredible dedication.

There are a few of the women who did it by taking powerful initiative and climbed the ladder of success.

They began their long journey of struggle with just effort and goal orientation:
1. Francoise Bettencourt Meyer (Net Worth – $46.5 billion)-European
2. Alice Louise Walton (Net Worth – $41.5 Billion)-American
3. Jacqueline Mars (net Worth – $23.6 billion)- Australian
4. Jacqueline Mars (net Worth – $23.6 billion)- American
5. Yang Huiyan (Net Worth – $21.9 billion)-Chineese
6. Laurene Powell Jobs (Net Worth – $18.8 Billion)-American
7. Gina Rinehart (Net Worth – $17.4 Billion)-Australian
8. Iris Fontbona (Net worth – $16.3 Billion)-Chilean
9. Abigail Johnson (Net Worth – $15.9 Billion)-American
10. Charlene De Carvalho-Heineken (Net Worth – $15.8 Billion)-UK


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