TP Mazembe striker strive to shine for Tanzania National team

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

TP Mazembe striker Eliud Ambokile says he is going to perform great in the national team. Eliud has been selected to play in the national team regardless of his few appearances for TP Mazembe.

Eliud comments about his future at TP Mazembe regarding the number of appearances he made.

“It is difficult moments for me, but I take it positively and need to work had to earn a spot in starting eleven. There are some matches, I did play and other I ended up on the bench.”

“So I don’t have enough time to show my game, but am happy as they prepare us. And of course, it is my first season at the club so it is not going to be easy to get into starting eleven.”

“I am happy and humbled to be selected to play for my nation. I will play with all my heart and pride” says Eliud Ambokile.

Apart from Eliud Ambokile other strikers in the National team are.

  1. Paul Nonga from Lipuli Football Club.
  2.  Miraji Athuman from Simba Sports Club.
  3. Shaaban Iddi Chilunda from Azam Football Club.
  4. Ditram Nchimbi from Polisi Tanzania Football Club.
  5. Kelvin John from Football House Academy.
  6. Eliuter Mpepo from Buildcon Football Club
  7.  Lucas Kikoti from Namungo Football Club.

Eliud Ambokile became TP Mazembe player since last season from Mbeya City.


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