Transfer rumors around Simba SC


Five players from Simba SC  whose contracts expire at the end of the season have confirmed staying in the club for the coming season  2019/2020. The players are John Bocco, Shomari Kapombe, Aishi Manula, Erasto Nyoni and Jonas Mkude.

Source from inside the club say among the things that the board of directors of the club will discuss is the transfer and transactions of certain players.

“ …we are sure they will remain at the club, we will know more as time goes… fans should wait, we are doing good things for the club”

“ To be honest, Simba SC does not plans to buy players from other clubs in the country, its Better to remain with the ones we have and to look for players outside the country.., ” said the source.

“It’s too early to publicize their names and where they are from, if our opponents know them they might approach them with higher bids… let’s wait until we sign them, then you will know them”. The sorce spoke of foreign players.


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