Transport challenges for Likoma and Chizumulu due to the suspension of MV Ilala

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By  Leonard Masauli

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Transport challenges for people of Likoma and Chizumulu continue to worsen, following the suspension of MV Ilala due to Malawi Shipping Company (MSC) workers who from Friday last week are boycotting work over low wages.

The development has caused panic for the islanders who rely on the vessel to travel to and from the mainland for various activities.

One businessman, Patrick Munthali said it will be very difficult to travel by boat since it cannot accommodate each and everyone, hence businesses will be affected on the island.

Sub-Traditional Authority Mwase said he would love if authorities at Malawi Shipping Company sorted out the wages issue with speed considering that MV Ilala is the only mode of transport for people of Chizumulu and Likoma.

“We would love if the authorities at Malawi Shipping Company sort out this issue with speed to let the Ilala operate because people of Chizumulu and Likoma rely on the only vessel for transportation,” said Sub-T.A. Mwase.

A spokesperson for Malawi Shipping Company, Thomas Chafunya said the issue is under discussion by the management though it takes a process to finalise.

Currently, people of Likoma and Chizumulu are using boats which are not safe due to strong winds on the lake.

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