Two strategic projects to be revisited in Tanzania


The government is to review contracts signed on two strategic sectors covering iron ore and electricity production.

According to official sources, the government is now negotiating with the investors so that there might be changes to the initial contracts to align them with national wealth and resources laws.

The two contracts are the Mchuchuma and Liganga projects.

The two projects, estimated at $3 billion have taken at least nine years to take off and this has not pleased the government.

The deputy permanent secretary in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investments Rudovoik Ndurie said all projects in the strategic sector would be reviewed soon so that they are in line with natural wealth and resource laws.

The Liganga iron ore and Mchuchuma coal mining projects should have been implemented in 2016.

The government says the Mchuchuma project would be producing electricity after three and a half years of construction while the Liganga project would be completed this year after four years of implementation.

Obviously the two projects have lagged behind and this is what has necessitated the planned reviews with the investors and the key ministries involved.


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