Uganda suspends public transport for 14 days

white coach

President Museveni on Wednesday evening suspended the use of public transport for 14 days with immediate effect.

“All public means of transport have been suspended for 14 days. This includes buses, coasters, passenger trains, taxis, bodabodas and tricycles. Private cars will be allowed to carry not more than three people,” Mr Museveni said.

According to him, other private vehicles that will be allowed to move are lorries and trucks carrying food and bodaboda as well.

Uganda reported five new coronavirus cases bringing the total to 14. “We are trying to target human beings. Passengers will only move in private cars. Ambulances, vehicles of security forces; army and police, some of the government vehicles doing essential work, garbage trucks will be allowed to move,” President Museveni said.

The government has also suspended selling non-food items like necklaces, mobile phones, clothes and shoes so as to create space. All markets in Uganda will be selling foodstuffs like rice, fish, nuts, matoke etc.

“Supermarkets will have to control customers within the premises and look into possibilities of utilizing motorbike services delivery systems to clients and thus reduce human traffic in these collections,” he said.

In Kampala, companies will be licensed to start doing boda boda delivery business. Museveni hopes there will be no corruption and bribery in the process. The president also directed all government vehicles in the district should be put at district headquarters under the command of the District Health Officer with police assistance.

Museveni also said that the government has in place a system of getting samples from all suspected patients countrywide to be taken to Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe for testing. He added that there are teams near the villages who will be doing the monitoring.

He also confirmed that the first eight people who tested positive of coronavirus are being treated and are doing well. “Temperatures have come down but one still has a high fever. We are still studying that one and the virus,” he said.


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