Undergraduates Good grades or Graduation gown?



In Tanzania where there are different levels for graduation like Secondary level, Advanced level, College and University levels.

At this very noble University level of all levels, one is awarded a document that proves completion of the studies.

Therefore, I took time to observe what happens in this event but this is what I discovered:

1. Photo shooting and posting

Graduates, wear the gowns, shoot photos/footages with their friends or alone. They post everywhere on online platforms and tell the world that there they are, they are graduates. Anyway, that’s not my concern.

-Main concern here:

My concern is, for those graduating, is their grades smart, is it impressive before the eyes of the parents/guardians/sponsors of their education or even interviewer when seeking job vacancies?

I tell you, if these gowns were offered in different colors, materials and quality per one’s grade achieved, most of the graduates would wear paled pieces of the gowns.

2. Sharing the gowns to non-graduates

Do the non-graduate know the worthiness of the graduation gown? The students and non-students get the gown from their friends who are graduating and post the photos in them.

-So what?

The graduates should stop doing this, the mindset in the non-graduates normally lie tom them that they’re just like any other graduate while not.

They may even relent in studying smartly because even if they fail to graduate they may prove to the world that they once graduated in a degree level or something by showing them a photo but not the document, isn’t it crazy!!! Let them advice their young ones academically to study to wear theirs.

3. A bad omen befalls?

Most of those who post themselves in the graduation gown while non-graduate fail to graduate. Is it bad omen that befalls them as many put in or just ignorance?


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