US extends sanctions over Zimbabwe


On Thursday March 5, 2020 Zimbabweans expressed their disappointments’ about the White House’s discouraging decision to extend sanctions against members of the Southern African country’s ruling regime over human rights abuses.

The super power imposed the sanction in 2003 against the then Robert Mugabe. The sanction includes financial and travelling restrictions over rights violations and unfairly conducted elections.

After the annual revision of sanctions by the Donald Trump, Zimbabwe’s secretary for information Nick Mangwana expressed his disappointment by the Wednesday’s message from White House extending the sanction for another year.

“The government of USA has again chosen to extend the sanction, following Mugabe’s ouster in November 2017 and 2018 general elections. The Zimbabwean government has accelerated it’s persecution of critics and economic mismanagement in the previous year where security forces committed mass killings and rapes among other human rights violations.

During the election period, about 17 people were shot dead when the government ordered the security forces to break Nationwide protests over fuel price rise, and other seven people lives cut short and others injured when the police were deployed to seize the protests against 2018 election results delay.


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