Vanessa Mdee speaks about Juma Jux


After a long tirade of negative energy from allover Tanzania concerning her break up with Juma Jux, Vanessa Mdee speaks out openly for the first time.

During the interview at Clouds FM, Vanessa speaks about her use of social media and her previous relationship with Jux

.“Am not that person who speak all of my stuffs on social media, but I have to tell the truth, and protect my brand. Am not dating him (Jux) and am currently single”.

Vanessa broke up with Juma Jux a while ago,but word had circulated just recently. Jux moved on and is now dating a video vixen from Thailand.

“I think it is their perceptions that am getting more success now because I am not dating Jux anymore. The truth is the deals were here long ago and I am grateful for it”.

Regardless of the fan-hate and negative comments towards Vanessa Mdee, her new joint Moyo (Heart) has received love and support from fans and musicians all over the world.

The couple had one last collaboration before their ultimate break up. Unlike their past hit collaborations the song with Juma Jux titled ‘Sumaku’ has not done well so far.


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