Vendors in Mzuzu market work together to remove waste in their vending area


By  Blessings Kaunda

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Mzuzu, A group of vendors, who sell chickens outside Mzuzu Main Market, recently organised themselves to clear waste which piled up close to their vending area following a two-week sit-in by Mzuzu City Council (MCC) employees over unpaid salaries.

In an interview, Chairperson for Mapini Chicken Sellers, Rajah Mvula said the grouping decided to embark on the exercise because the place started stinking and therefore, not conducive for business.

“We hired a vehicle to ferry the refuse because MCC employees were on the sit-in. This development led to the accumulation of waste around the area where we ply our business,” said Mvula.

He said the vendors noted that their business was going down as customers were shying away from buying chickens due to the smelly environment.

“We understand that the council is financially challenged, hence our coming in as both patriotic citizens and beneficiaries of the market,” he said.

He said the grouping would continue assisting the council whenever there was a need to ensure that the city was always clean.

Secretary for the vendors, Phoebe Kaunda expressed concern over the behaviour of some residents in the city who dispose of diapers at waste collection sites instead of burning them in their homes.

“We see government vehicles and individuals disposing of bags of diapers here. This is one of the factors which make our place stinky. My advice is that diapers are supposed to be dried and burnt,” said Kaunda. 

In his remarks, MCC spokesperson, McDonald Gondwe commended the vendors’ initiative and appealed to other people who ply their businesses in different markets to follow suit.

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