Virus strategies hope for China, lesson to the world


World Health Organization (WHO) head has applauded China strategies to curb the coronavirus, terming it as hope for the future. China has reported only one new infection over the past 5 days, a remarkable turnaround, given the increasing chaos in most parts of the globe.

In January, China effectively shut Wujan and quarantined it’s 11 million residents, a move that replicated the rest of Hubei province, totalling 50 million people in mass isolation.

Making the matter better, hundreds of millions of Chinese live in closed residential complexes.

“Containment works, after two weeks of closure of Wuhan, two weeks time which is the incubation period, the number of infections started to drop abruptly,” Sharon Lewin, a professor of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, told AFP.

Nevertheless, an Imperial College London study warned that, while that strategy appeared to succeed to date in China, it took enormous economic and social cost.

“The major challenge of suppression is that this type of intensive intervention package will need to be maintained until a vaccine becomes available, potentially 18 months or more and if intervention relaxed, the transmission rate will quickly rebound,” it said.

According to public health professor Zheng Zijie from Peking University, at least 42,000 doctors and medical personnel were sent to Hubei province to give helping hands in the health sector but essentially collapsed under the strain of the fast-spreading epidemic.

Health experts from China’s Red Cross are currently overwhelmed, while Italy, has fast overtaken China in terms of coronavirus deaths.

According to China health ministry, more than 3,300 medical staffs were infected across the country and 13 have died from the Covid-19.


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