Vodacom Premier league facts so far this season.


Vodacom Premier League has reached the second round of the season 2019/20 and has produced some facts already.

With all clubs almost complete their 21’s fixtures in their calendar of the league, the shapes in the league standings is well observed from the top of the league to the bottom of the league.

Here are the facts about this season so far.
The top five in the league standings are.

  1. Simba Sports Club – Points 56
  2. Azam Football Club – Points 44
  3. Yanga Sports Club – Points 39
  4. Coastal Union – Points 38
  5. Kagera Sugar – Points 37.

All of the four clubs have completed 22 fixtures, except Yanga Sports Club, they only played 20 matches. The bottom four clubs, in the delegation zone are;

  1. 17th. Mwadui Football Club
  2. 18th. Mbao Football Club
  3. 19th. Mbeya City
  4. 20th. Singida United


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