Vodacom Premier League statistical resemblance.


Vodacom Premier League season 2019/20 continues, and here are the statistics that looks the same here among the clubs.
In today’s statistics, we are looking at away matches for various clubs in the premier league this season.

Alliance Football Club and Coastal Union, after twelve away matches, they both accumulated 15 points, won 4, drew 3 and lost 5. Coastal Union has scored ten goals and conceded twelve while Alliance Football Club has scored eight and conceded eleven.

Yanga sports club and JKT Tanzania have same numbers of wins ,loses, draws as well as points collected in away games.
They both played eleven away matches, they won six, drawing four, lost one and both have 22 points in eleven away matches. The only difference is the number of goals scored and conceded.

Mtibwa Sugar and Mwadui Football Club both with 13 away completed fixtures this season so far. They both won two, drawing four, lost seven and both have 10 points from away matches. Mtibwa Sugar scored 7 goals and conceded 13, while Mwadui Football Club has scored eleven and conceded 19 goals.

Ndanda Football Club and Ruvu Shooting both have played 12 away matches, won 2, drew 3 and lost 7. They managed to get 9 points in all their away matches.

These statistics are until February 29th, 2020 premier league fixtures.


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