Vodacom Premier league top five sides basing on their form.

TheAfrican Football
TheAfrican Football

Simba Sports Club is the leading club with best form in the Vodacom Premier league so far, as they leads with 54 points after 24 complete fixtures.

The Vodacom Premier League proceeds with each team most likely to play 24 matches in both rounds.

Here are the top 5 clubs in the league, basing on their current performances in the league.

In this standings, Yanga Sports Club is behind the league leaders by two games on hand, and Namungo Football Club is also behind by one game on hand. The league leaders, Simba Sports Club already played 24 matches.

  1. Simba Sports Club – 12 points. As they won four fixtures and dropped 3 points in the last five matches, by losing one match.
  2. Ndanda Football Club , at second place with 11 points , holding three wins and two loses in their last five fixtures.
  3. Namungo Football Club, last five matches they won 3 and drew 2. They scored 5 goals and conceded 2 goals.
  4. JKT Tanzania at fourth place after winning three matches and drawing two matches. They managed to score 4 goals and concede 1.
  5. Mbeya City, last five matches they won three, drew 1 and lost 1. They secured a total of 10 points in their last five matches.

while in the normal table basing on the number of matches each team plays here is how top five looks like.

1. Simba Sports Club – 62 Points.

2. Azam Football Club – 45 points.

3. Namungo Football Club – 43 points.

4. Yanga Sports Club – 41 points.

5. Coastal Union – 39 points


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