Wanting to travel internationally? Need a Passport? Here are a few things to consider

Malawi flag fingerprint
Malawi flag fingerprint

Planning a holiday or a business trip outside of Malawi you’ll need to think about which is best for you. A passport or a Travel Document? This article explains the passport application process.

How much does it cost? A total of MK63 500 over these three steps

Passport application form
Passport application form
  1. It will cost you MK1 000 for the application form and ID picture
  2. MK7 500 on submission of your form, this includes the required District Council stamp
  3. And then finally MK55 000 for the Passport.

How long does it take to get? From application to receiving your passport is about a month, however this can vary.

Where can I go with a Passport? With a passport you can travel internationally, however you may need a VISA for certain countries. You will need to check this before you travel. If you are only travelling to Zambia, Mozambique or Tanzania you only need a Travel Document which might be quicker, cheaper and easier to get.

How long till it expires? The passport expires after 10 years.

The passport is slower to get and about five or six times more expensive. You will need to think about where you are travelling and if you are only going to Zambia, Mozambique or Tanzania then a Travel Document is all you need.

Always speak to your regional immigration office to make sure this information is up to date, you are getting the right document and you’re making the right decision. You can contact the Lilongwe Regional Immigration Office with these details: P.O. Box 1272 Lilongwe Telephone: 01 724 297 or 01 753 661

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