We are still in the good run, we are not giving up.


Yanga Sports Club seems to be out of the race in the Vodacom Premier League title, but they are not going to give up on their objectives. Yanga Sports Club’s director of tournaments said they are still in their best run, regardless of their poor Vodacom Premier League campaign.

“I can not say, I’m giving up in the Vodacom Premier League. Yanga Sports Club is still in the run every day in this season, and our main targets of this season are the Vodacom Premier League and Azam Sports Federation Cup” says Mr Thabit Kandoro, the director of tournaments.

He further added that in the premier league, the champion is not yet crowned, so they still focus until the end of the season. Although it is too obvious that the defending champions, Simba Sports Club is more qualified to win the title again this season.

“In Vodacom Premier League, we do not have the champion so far, we are not giving up, we are still in the title race. Yanga Sports Club will keep on playing and making sure we secure three important points in each match left.”

Mr Thabit Kandoro says their main targeted positions this season is to be number one to the champions or second runner up but to finish in the top of the table is their primary target.


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