We can get any player we want here in Tanzania – Senzo Mazingisa


The defending champions of Vodacom Premier League Simba Sports Club through their Chief Executive Officer, Mr Senzo Mazingisa says, they can get any Tanzanian player they want.

Mr Senzo Mazingisa says Simba Sports Club will never fail to sign any Tanzanian player who plays in the Vodacom Premier League if they want him.

Simba Sports Club have been linked with some Tanzanian players in the Vodacom Premier League recently, players including Bakari Mwamnyeto, Coastal Union‘s skipper, Azam Football Club center back Yakubu Mohammed and Polisi Tanzania Midfielder, Bakari Majogoro.

Senzo says regarding the kind of players available within the country, they can not fail to sign any player, unless they don’t have any plan with them.

“If we want to sign any Tanzanian player in the Vodacom Premier League, I don’t see how we can’t, we might fail to sign if we do not have a plan of signing them, that’s the only reason and not otherwise.”

Simba Sports Club is linked with some potential players who emerged this season, as they look to strengthen their squad for the next season tournaments.


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