We respect Yanga Sports Club but we have better players

Soccer Football Image
Soccer Football Image

Simba Sports Club skipper John Bocco says they have better players than their opponents. Heading to Vodacom Premier League derby between Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club.

During the press conference with the media, Simba Sports Club skipper says they respect their opponents.
“We respect Yanga but we are confident enough and we have better players. Even our previous results are good, we believe that it is going to be a great match.”

“We believe our fans will support us as always, and we ask them to come. We are going to fight for the club and for the three points, so we can remain at the top of the league. We believe in our efforts as Simba Sports Club, and God will help us out get great results.”

The head coach says the squad is fit except Miraji Athuman and Rashid Juma.
“The squad is well prepared except Miraji and Rashid, they are still on injury recovery. The rest are ready for tomorrow’s match,” says Sven Vanderbroeck.


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