What to do in an oil tanker tragedy


Many people die due to carelessness after occurrence of accidents. It has been witnessed many fire explosion tragedies in various countries after oil tanker accidents.

Below are things to avoid in case of an oil tanker accident.

1. Call the police.

This ensures that the arrival of the police at the scene hence controlling the people who might flow to the tanker to fetch oil.

It has been witnessed on 10th August 2019 in Morogoro when a tanker explosion claimed more than 60 people and others admitted with major injuries.

2. Keep distance.

One should never get near the scene but keep off and advise the others to keep off as well to avoid getting near.

This is because an explosion can occur due to flammability of the product transported by the tanker.

However, there are reasons why people suffer from such accidents.

1. Ignorance

People’s ignorance is what drives them to the scene without bothering that explosion can occur anytime.

2. Poverty

People situation of poverty forces them to scramble for oil fetching.

After fetching the oil, they target be making making money after selling it.

3. Greed

Last for free things which comes in the way is another contribution for the tragedies in the time of explosions.

There is a need for education to all people on the risks when an oil tanker gets involved in a road accident.


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