Where to buy a new Toyota in Malawi, three dealers to choose from.

Toyota logo
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Looking to buy a new Toyota in Lilongwe, Malawi. Visit one of the three Toyota showrooms

Lilongwe Toyota
Located in the Capital City of Malawi, the central region of Malawi, the branch is classified as 3S with a showroom, Genuine Parts and Service. The capacity and size of this branch is equivalent to that of Maselema Toyota in service offering.

Visit Lilongwe Toyota by clicking here.

Blantyre Maelema Toyota
This Facility is the Head Office for Toyota in Malawi and is located at Queens Corner, off Masauko Chipembere highway in the Southern Part of Malawi in the City of Blantyre – the commercial city. At Maselema Toyota there is a vehicle showroom, Parts and a Service workshop for Toyota. In addition, there are hinos on display.

Visit Blantyre Maelema Toyata by clicking here

Mzuzu Toyota
Mzuzu Toyota is located along the M1 road in the northern region of Malawi, this is the latest facility that Toyota Malawi has put up in Malawi. Services on offer include Genuine Parts and Service Workshop. Although there is no vehicle showroom, customers are free to order new vehicles through the branch and are ably assisted by the branch manager.

Visit Mzuzu Toyota by clicking here


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