Why international communication


International communication is a practice that occurs across international borders. The need for international communication is due to the following;

1. Opportunities

Opportunities include scholarships and jobs across borders . for example, an African country can associate itself with America and benefit from it because people from African country can apply for a scholarship or job opportunity in other countries and secure a chance there if the qualification criteria are met.

2. International diplomacy

This is a situation whereby nations maintain a good relationship in different aspects like economic, social and political.

Through international communication, different countries can discuss and share a lot of ideas towards development and therefore peace is maintained.

3. Promotion of culture

Culture is promoted through literary works and other works of art like music, films, movies and such forth.

One can cope with other people’s culture from other regions of the world due to international communication.

4. Expansion of technology

Technology is normally expanded due to the contribution of international communication because people can interact and learn about technology advancement and ultimately applying the same in their country.

5. Transmission of knowledge

This is due to the interaction through international communication whereby after people or learners from one country secure a scholarship vacancy across borders tend to learn much from one another. Knowledge grows day in, day out so it through international communication that expands it more.

6. Maintains good relation between nations

A good relationship is maintained across borders due to international communication. Through this a lot of dependency to each other hence eruption of big and many opportunities to the citizens of the involved nations.

Therefore, international communication should be highly valued and promoted globally so as to reach the goals of every nation towards development achievement.


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