Why would a company want to use global standardization?


Well, if a customer in China uses a product one way, and a customer in South Africa uses the product the same way, a company can utilize global standardization. So, what are the positive aspects?

1. Cost

A company does not have to pay for special marketing for each market.

So, one markeing strategy can be used I multiple areas of the world, therefore cutting the cost of having to develop several marketing strategies.

2. Brand

A strong brand can have the same effect in different areas around the world.

It means that what makes a strong presence in one country, can have the same effect in other countries.

For instance, Pepsi is able to use standard packaging, distribution, and brands in international markets.

This allows the company to market its product in a similar fashion to customers worldwide.

On the other hand, there is one major negative aspect of it;

*Sensibility; while some countries may appreciate and accept a product, others may not agree or have a different opinion about that product.

While one country may sell a health product using sensual advertisement, a more conservative country might need a more rational message.


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