Window closed


Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has announced the closure of the 2020 transfer window on 30th of April giving no room for teams to do player transaction despite the fact that the football season has not yet started due to the coronavirus pandemic.

FAM and super league of Malawi (SULOM) went into a clash of statements early last month with the elite league governing body declaring the close of the transfer window which the FA declined.

Casper Jangale who is FAM club licensing and compliance manager has confirmed the transfer window has closed despite the league yet to kick off in the country.

“I can confirm that the transfer window closed on April 30th giving no more room for teams to do player transaction and we hope all the transfers which have taken places between clubs went through the domestic transfer matching system (DTMS) as recommended by FIFA.

“We have closed the transfer window despite the fact that the football season has not yet kicked off as we want to be able to track and monitor as to which clubs each player is attached to as FAM will be allocating funds to clubs as a relief for the coronavirus pandemic which has affected the sport in the country”, he said.

Jangale also said the transfer of former Masters security striker Babatunde Adepoju from Be forward Wanderers to capital city giants Silver Strikers and a move for midfielder Vitumbiko Kumwenda from Blue Eagles to Be Forward Wanderers has been put on hold as there are disagreements in the deals.

“The transfers of Babatunde and Kumwenda are pending as there are issues surrounding the transfers and will only be made available in the DTMS once the issues have been revolved,” he said.

Babatunde Adepoju signed a contract to join Silver Strikers from Be Forward Wanderers with the reserve bank of Malawi sponsored side reversing the decision against the move on the eleventh hour which has made both clubs to deny ownership of the player. Vitumbiko Kumwenda resigned at Blue Eagles after it failed to mutually agree with Wanderers for his move to Lali Lubani and the police headquarters side accused nomads for player tapping.


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