Woman arrested for concealing the birth of a child


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Police in salima is keeping in custody rose Joseph for concealing the birth of her child

It was on allegation that the suspect has been pregnant for seven months and from October 15 the pregnancy wasn’t there and the village elders became suspicious and reported the matter to the community policing forum.

When the community policing reported the matter to the salima police, they conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of the suspect

During the interrogation she revealed to have given birth and then buried the baby in the nearby garden ,she further said that she did that in fear of her husband who is in south Africa for the pregnancy was for another man.

Postmortem on the death of the baby revealed that the baby died due to suffocation and the suspect will appear in court on 23 October 2019

Rose Joseph hails from matumula village T/A Pemba in salima district.

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