Women should not be oppressed – Chazama


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Blantyre, Former Parliamentarian for Blantyre North East constituency and Democratic Progressive Partys (DPP) National Director for Women, Cecelia Chazama has said no women should under any circumstance be oppressed in Malawi.

Chazama was speaking in Blantyre during the pro-Justice Jane Ansah demonstrations organised by concerned women and led by activist, Seodi White.

“Malawi is a democratic nation where everyone must enjoy his or her rights without being humiliated.

“Dr Jane Ansah did her job perfectly and why should she be victimised,” wondered Chazama.

She added: “If it is about elections, why don’t we wait for the case which is in court to be concluded.”

Chazama said she joined the demonstrations not as a DPP member but as a concerned woman.

“I lost elections and I accepted the defeat and life goes on, but today, I am here to show solidarity to all women in the country particularly Dr Jane Ansah,” she said.

There was a mammoth crowd of women from all walks of life. This being a women’s march, men were not allowed to participate.

Also seen during the march was the Malawi Housing Cooperation (MHC) boss, Eunice Napolo.

Beatrice Kapachile from Mbayani Township in Blantyre said she decided to take part in the demonstrations to show to the world that women in Malawi have the right to live peacefully.

“We are here to support our fellow woman and Dr Jane Ansah will not fall,” she charged.

The women demonstrations come barely a week of the HRDC protest that led to destruction of both private and public property.

Protesters were clad in T-shirts labelled with messages such as I am Jane Ansah, I stand with Jane Ansah and Kukhala Mzamai sichifukwa.

The peaceful march started from Blantyres tax office, through the Chimpembere Highway all the way to the city council where a petition was presented to the council authorities.

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