Wonderful Nature: Blue Creatures

Blue Heron

For reasons that we can’t fully explain, certain colors are rare within the animal kingdom. One of these rare colors is blue.

1. Blue heron

The great blue heron is a large bird found on the shore of open waters in most parts of Central and North America.

2. Blue whale

The blue whale is a large marine mammal measuring up to 98 feet and weighing approximately 173 tons.

The species is found in almost all of the oceans on Earth.

Because of intensive whaling in the 20th century, there are only 5,000-12,000 blue whales left.

3. Blue dacnis

The turquoise honeycreeper, also known as blue dacnis, is a passerine bird commonly found in South America.

It inhabits woodlands, forests, parks, and gardens.

4. Blue jay

The blue jay is also a passerine bird commonly found in North America.

This bird is generally blue except for the white underparts and chest.

A black, u-shaped collar appears around the neck. The birds feed mainly on seeds and nuts and occasionally on vegetables.


The color blue is common in plants since they can produce blue pigment with the help of anthocyanin.

The blue color in animals is pure because of the structural formation in their bodies.


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