World’s 5 most insecure countries never to visit


5. Iraq

Huge swathes of Iraq are still under the control of ISIS’s monstrous caliphate.

Even in areas under Iraqi government control, they’ve got a grim track record of attacking and killing hundreds. And you better believe they target foreigners.

4. South Sudan

Another country that’s helpfully close-enough in size to Texas to allow easy comparisons, South Sudan is also the world’s newest nation.

In 2011, the Christian country split from Muslim Sudan, declared independence and set up a capital in Juba.

3. Libya

Terror attacks, skirmishes, and deadly fighting are all just facts of daily life.

At least 6,000 have died in the continued fighting since 2014, on top of all those who died in the initial 2011 uprising and its aftermath. Westerners have been kidnapped or killed with impunity.

2. Yemen

A strip of land below Saudi Arabia, roughly the size of metropolitan France, Yemen has been the focus of an intense bombing campaign by its bigger neighbor since late 2015.

Rather than de-escalate the civil war and bring the Islamist rebels to justice, it sent the conflict into overdrive.

1. Syria

Syria is the most-dangerous place in the world. A country where basic humanity has broken down, and demons now run amok in human form, doing things too terrible for us to even write about.

If Hell has a physical manifestation, then it’s probably the front lines of Syria’s awful conflict.


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