World’s largest religions


10. Cao Dai (4.4 million followers)

Cao Dai is a belief system that originated in Vietnam in 1926. It is a distinctly nationalist Vietnamese religion.

9. Muism/Sinism/Shingyo (10 million followers)

Muism is a religion closely tied to traditional Korean culture and history.

8. Daoism (12 million followers)

Daoism originated in China about two thousand years ago.

7. Judaism (14 million followers)

Judaism has a long history traced as far as the Eighth Century.

6. Sikhism (25 million followers)

Sikhism is a relatively new faith. It originates from India and is based on the teachings of Guru Nanak and his Ten Successors.

5. Shintoism (104 million followers)

Shintoism is based in Japan. Its beginnings are thought to date back to the Eighth Century.

4. Buddhism (500 million followers)

Buddhism was founded in Ancient India about 2,500 years ago, and is based on the teachings of Buddha.

3. Hinduism (1.1 billion followers)

The majority of Hindus reside in Southern Asian countries (India, Nepal, and Indonesia).

2. Islam (1.8 billion followers)

Islam began in Mecca in the Seventh Century.

1. Christianity (2.3 billion followers)

Christianity began over two thousand years ago, and is a faith based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


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