World’s leaders in Corn production


10. South Africa (15.5 million metric tons)

The grain is planted between the months of September to December and harvested between April and June.

9. France (17.1 million metric tons)

The crop is generally planted in the country between April and May, and harvested between September and November.

8. Indonesia (19.0 million metric tons)

The majority of the corn is consumed by Indonesia’s booming livestock sector.

7. Mexico (32.6 million metric tons)

Within these, the main crop accounts for 70% of the annual corn production, and the secondary harvest makes up the remaining 30% of the total corn production of the country.

6. Ukraine (39.2 million metric tons)

Ukrainian growers produce 39.2 million metric tons of corn annually.

5. Argentina (40.0 million metric tons)

The recent change in the country’s government administration also provided a boost to the country’s corn producers.

4. India (42.3 million metric tons)

The crop is usually planted at the beginning of the rainy season, between mid-May and July, and is harvested between the first week of November through the end of January.

3. Brazil (83.0 million metric tons)

Full season corn planting in Brazil begins in August and lasts into October or November.

2. China (224.9 million metric tons)

Currently 60% is used as animal feed. 10% of the corn is used for direct human consumption, and the remaining 30% is used in industrial production to produce such products as corn-based alcohols, sweeteners, and cooking oils.

1. USA (377.5 million metric tons)

The United States is the worldwide leader in corn production, and 20% of its annual corn production is exported.

96,000,000 acres of land in the USA are dedicated to corn production.


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