World’s unemployment disaster for degree holders?


When passing around everywhere in the country, the greatest Lamentations for the citizens is unemployment, especially the youths.

If one conducts thorough research on the situation, he/she realize that the highest number of the unemployed are degree holders of University graduates.

Those with lower levels of education than that weep for the same situation.

Unemployment is a worldwide disaster. It is not a problem that erupted recently, it is growing bigger as the days goes, especially in Africa.

However, most of the researches conducted are politically based and they’re not oriented in solving the problem.

Therefore, every individual is looking forward to solving his/her own problem by themselves by applying the talents and skills one has.

Most of the African countries can solve the problem by investing in their skills instead of building people with useless degrees.

African and Tanzanian governments have no time to wait, time is limited and so this is the time to solve this unemployment problem.

It requires good investment in the skills among the youths, whether learned or not.

Those without talent must be trained with skills that can help them offer different services to the nation and contribute much to the continent at large as far as economical development is concerned.

The other important aspect is the inspiration to the youths to be self employment oriented and this can only be achieved through the application of their skills and produce a lot for their nations.


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