Yanga SC makes new Management ‘change plans’


Yanga SC’s new chairman Doc. Msolla said during his regime, that they will make sure they implement good leadership and money management for the benefit of the club.


“We will be very smart and strict when it comes to money management, we will get professional accountants, we will publicize our annual reports on money earned and spent on the club, Just like other organizations,”


About Strengthening the squad, Dr. Msolla said there is good team work between various supporters of the club, and in between two to three weeks, they will start to working on improving the squad.


“I promise you, between two to three weeks we will start improving our team to be more competitive with the help of our head coach, Mwinyi Zahera”


Meanwhile, Yanga SC’s head Coach Mwinyi Zahera Praised his side for the performance they have been showing this season so far regardless of the challenges they face at the club.


“let me give a around of applause to all the players, they did a good job… I believe if it was not for the dirty games and misconducts we have been facing lately, we might have won the league… now we are two matches away from finishing the league”


“ There is like 6 matches, the referees were not fair to us, if they were fair enough these players were supposed to be the champions… they play under harsh environments yet they bring the best out of them”


The title race is still open only if Yanga SC wins their two last matches, and Simba SC, the defending Champions, lose all their 5 upcoming matches.


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