Yanga SC shakes the table once again


Yanga Sc emerges victorious against Ruvu Shooting in the Tuesday evening premier league fixture, at Uhuru Stadium, Dar Es Salaam.

Pap Kabamba Tshishimbi only strike in the 15th minute converted an assist from Deus Kaseke, gave Yanga Sc the three crucial points they needed to be the league leaders once again.

Ruvu Shooting tried to create more attacking chances through their striker Emmanuel Martin, who played for Yanga last season, but it was a solid defense and Klaus kindoki’s determination that ensured the win for Yanga SC.


Yanga Sc leading goal scorer, Heritier Makambo tried to find the back of the net but failed to score as he missed two clear chances inside eighteen yards.


This win makes Yanga league leaders with 83 points ahead of the defending Champions, and league rivals Simba Sc with 82 points, at second place.


Yanga Sc remain with two games in hand, while Simba Sc are with five games in hand, which means if Yanga Sc wins all the coming matches, Simba will be champions because they need only eight points from five matches.


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