Yanga Sports Club asks for an extra time


Yanga Sports Club head coach, Luc Eymael says regardless of the official statement from Tanzania Football Federation they still need some extra time for team training sessions.

The Belgian manager says it will be impossible for him to return and start playing suddenly, because teams haven’t been together for so long, so they need some extra time to reorganize the team.

Luc Eymael insisted on how important it is for Tanzania Football Federation to give extra time for clubs to prepare if they want the Vodacom Premier League to end with great competitions.

“It is a good thing that the league returns, but I propose that before it starts they should give us some time for players to train together.”

Luc Eymael says the league might resume probably on June 15th, 2020 thus asking on behalf of all clubs in the Vodacom Premier League to be given more time before kickoff.


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