Yanga Sports Club denies salary deduction rumors.


Yanga Sports Club management denies the rumours that have been spreading that they decided to reduce players salaries due to Coronavirus outbreak and because the club does not generate income because the league is suspended.

It was reported that GSM, Yanga Sports Club sponsors have decided to reduce players salaries because Vodacom Premier League is on hold and they can not afford to keep paying high salaries while there is no League.

As it is in most cases in European Leagues, some clubs reduced their players’ salaries and donated part of the salaries to hospitals to help fight the Coronavirus.

Yanga Sports Club fans motivation Official says the news is fake, and the writer already apologized.

“The news is fake, and GSM did not say that. The club is settled for now, but some people are looking for trouble, and we are not going to be able to let them do so. The writer / the one who spread the news apologised to the club,” says Antonio Nugas


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