Yanga Sports Club left behind three players


Yanga Sports Club has travelled to face Mwadui Football Club in their first Vodacom Premier League matches after the Coronavirus break, and they left behind three players only. Papy Tshishimbi, David Molinga and Erick Kabamba were left behind and they will miss the opening match on June 14th, 2020 against Mwadui Football Club.

Yanga Sports Club will face Mwadui Football Club without their top striker this season, David Molinga and their captain Papy Tshishimbi as well as their Midfielder Erick Kabamba.

Yanga Sports Club Spokesman Hassan Bumbuli states the reason why those players have been left off the travelling squad.

“Tshishimbi remained because he is sick and recovering, about Molinga I really don’t know why because he was in the list of players who are supposed to travel.”

Yanga Sports Club will face Mwadui Football Club on June 14th, 2020 at Kambarage Stadium.


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