Yanga Sports Club Midfielder admires Clatous Chama.


Yanga Sports Club Midfielder Faisal Salum ‘fei toto’ mentions his admiration towards Simba Sports Club midfielder Clatous Chota Chama.

Faisal Salum ‘fei toto’ who had been in great form in the last Vodacom Premier League matches under Lucy Eymael, says among all Midfielders in Vodacom Premier League he admires Clataous Chama.

“In Simba Sports Club I’m impressed with the ability of Zambian midfielder, Clataous Chama, because he is a great player, he can offer something in the team. He is one of the players who gives results, by creating chances and even scoring goals.”

Faisal Salum also mentioned the difference between Yanga Sports Club former Manager Mwinyi Zahera and current Manager Lucy Eymael.
“The big difference between Mwinyi Zahera and Lucy Eymael is, Mwinyi Zahera emphasise much on the uses of physical strength, unlike Lucy Eymael who is encouraging us more to play objective football,” says Zanzibar born Midfielder Faisal Salum


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