Yanga Sports Club players are fined for gaining weight


Yanga Sports Club Assistant captain, Juma Abdul says that head coach Lucy Eymael told them before the Vodacom Premier League break that any player who will gain weight will be fined by cutting off their salaries.

Abdul says, coach Lucy Eymael gave them a special program to do while they were on the break so they can maintain their shape.

“Head coach Luc Eymael said before he left the country, that anyone who will gain extra weight his salary will be cut off.

I believe when he returns he will want to see the report of every player first and see the condition of each player,” said Yanga Sports Club Assistant captain, Juma Abdul.

The source close to the club says there are some players who have gained weight, including David Molinga, Patrick Sibomana and Abdulaziz Makame.


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