Yanga Sports Club statements about players contract


Yanga Sports Club has released an official statement about their players whose contracts were about to end, as soon as the Vodacom Premier League season ends.

The statement was relayed by their spokesman Mr Hassan Bumbuli, who admits that the decision of who will remain at the club by offering new contracts will be up to the coach.

“Before the coach left the country, he asked for the list of names of the players who are out of contract, so he can cross-check and see which ones he needs for the next season.”

“He was supposed to send back the names he selected, but there is some delay, and as soon as he returns we will know the names of the ones staying with us.”

Mr Hassan Bumbuli insists that he can not say publicly the names of the players who will stay then.
“Let us just be more patient with the process, let’s wait until the league ends then we will know after that.”

Yanga Sports Club is at the third place in the league standings behind Azam Football Club at second place and Simba Sports Club at the top of the league.


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