Yanga Sports Club to hijack Sharaf Eldin Ali Shiboub


There have been rumours around that Yanga Sports Club is looking to hijack Simba Sports Club Sudanese born midfielder Sharaf Eldin Ali Shiboub when his contract ends with his current club.

Sharaf Eldin Ali Shiboub has been struggling to make it into the first team under Sven Vanderbroeck era at Simba Sports Club unlike before with Patrick Aussems.

Shiboub has played 26 matches at Simba Sports Club since he joined, he only started 17 of them and have scored 4 goals and assisted other 6 goals.

Shiboub has not been playing since the restart of the Vodacom Premier League from Corona break.

Yanga Sports Club is looking to improve its squad and Sharaf Eldin Ali Shiboub is one of their targets in the summer transfer window it’s believed.


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