Yanga Sports Club Vice-Chairman apologize to Simba Sports Club


Yanga Sports Club Vice-Chairman has decided to ask for an apology to Simba Sports Club, football fans and Tanzania Football Federation for the jokes he made earlier this week.

Mr Fredrick Mwakalebela made a joke earlier this week about the progress of signing Simba Sports Club attacking Midfielder, Clatous Chama as his contract is coming to an end.

After the news went viral on social media about what happened one the famous transfer, Simba Sports Club spokesman, Haji Manara responded to the rumours and asks Tanzania Football Federation to take legal actions about it.

Mr Fredrick Mwakalebela says he was responding to the jokes made by Simba Sports Club earlier about their Midfielder Papi Tshishimbi. Chama and Papy Tshishimbi are among the best Midfielders in Vodacom Premier League.

“I want to say my sincere apologies to Simba Sports Club and Yanga Sports Club fans as well, following my earlier statement of signing, Clatous Chama, that was a joke. I promise that will never happen again.”


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