Yanga Sports Club will win champions league


Yanga Sports Club vice president Fredrick Mwakalebela said the players they signed are for next season’s completions and not only for the Premier league.

So the chance they got to participate in CAF Champions League next season, is in their plan because they have player with the quality to play in those completions.

After Yanga Sports Club to be announced that they will represent the Nation in CAF Champions League, football fans all over the country had different options saying Yanga Sports Club, they did not sign players with Champions league quality.

Mwakalebela said the club objective is do better next season.

“For real it was our objective to have a strong team for the next season, all we do is getting the players that our coach wants, and about CAF Champions League, we received the new well, we are happy to play in champions league next season, Zahera is happy, now all we doing is to prepare so we can have a good performance in the Champions League”

Yanga Sports Club will also participate in Kagame Cup 2019, the tournament will start in July 07 final will be at 21 July, in Rwanda.

Kagame Cup will include various football clubs in East and Central Africa. Yanga Sports Club, Azam football Club and Simba Sports Club, will represent Tanzania in Kagame Cup


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