Yikpe Gnamien wants to prove to Yanga Sports Club


Former Gor Mahia Football Club striker Yikpe Gnamien opens up towards recent bad comments from Yanga Sports Club fans about his poor running and says he is looking forward to proving them wrong as soon as he will start to score goals again.

Yikpe Gnamien joined Yanga Sports Club in the mid-season transfer window from Gor Mahia Football Club as the additional striker for Yanga Sports Club.

Things did not go as it was intended to be for the Ivorian man, Yikpe Gnamien failed to make his impact in the Vodacom Premier League since joining the club.

Thus the fans shouting his name and asking the management to let him loose when the season ends.

“I joined Yanga Sports Club to help the club in scoring goals, and I’m working hard every day to make sure my objectives are well attended. Unfortunately, I’m not scoring as many goals as I am supposed to, and the fans are mad about it.

“The fans can relax because bad days never last, soon I’ll be on my previous form and will start scoring again as I was at Gor Mahia Football Club before joining.”

Yikpe Gnamien says it is not a good thing for him as a player to get such feedback from the fans and he is working hard to prove to them that he is not a flop striker.


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