Yona Mlakatuli to release 29th poem


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Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) 2019 alumni is set to release his 29th poem in May 2020, based on a true-life story where a girl broke her boyfriend’s heart following her selection to University.

The poet, Yona Mlakatuli blames the girl for giving in to pressure from lecturers who demanded sex for her to pass exams, besides dating fellow students with fatter wallets.

“It was a healthy relationship when the two were living in the village. However, things changed all of a sudden when the lady went to University.

“It was during her early days of University when things got out of man’s hand. The affection was shampooed and it was no longer like it used to be when they were together in the village,” he said.

Mlakatuli reminds the girl of how faithful and caring she was back home where she could hardly spend a day without seeing her man.

“The Girl chooses to forget promises she made to her boyfriend before she met some men with cash at the college,” he cries.

The poem reads in part; “Wakumana nawo wanyamata, majaha yamakopala waluwa chitemwa chithu pajuzi. Nga bola lakuponyelana walikwamba kuseweresyeka mwanakazi.

(Rich men you have met at University have made you forget all the love we had for each other. They have played you like a ball).”

Mlakatuli released his first Album in 2016 titled Lakatulo 1 and his video Mwandisiyilanji and Kamwali.

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