You can not blame players for bad results, say Singida United assistant manager.


Singida United assistant manager defended the players following their bad results. He says the players are not to blame for their bad performance in the Vodacom Premier League this season 2019/20.
The manager admits that Singida United have some management problems that affect players performance and psychology as well.

“Singida United have so many problems outside the pitch. Players can not perform well and do what we are directing them to do in the pitch if they are not well psychologically. I can not say what is really going on because that is the management responsibilities”.

Singida United assistant manager also admits that it is not a surprise they are at the bottom of the league.

“For these kinds of results, it is not a surprise that the club is in the relegation zone and probably will be delegated to First Division League”.

These post comments emerge as the response to their biggest defeat from Simba Sports Club on March 11, 2020, as they lost by 8 goals to nil.


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