Zanzibar seeks amendments on alcohol Act


Zanzibar is looking for more strict measures that will ensure alcohol consumption and that will also tighten importation, storage, sale, distribution as well as introducing 25 years of age as the age limit for a person to consume alcohol.

Alcohol Control Bill 2020 was tabled in the Zanzibar House of Representatives on Friday, expected to replace the 1928 Act on alcohol consumption.

If it will be asserted by the Zanzibar President, the new Act will forbid any person or institution to manufacture or produce alcoholic beverages in Zanzibar, something which is seen as a depression to alcohol sellers.

The bill states that if any person who contravenes with the Act and found guilty shall serve a term of not less than five years in prison or fined not less than Sh5 million as all liquor machinery and equipment shall be confiscated.

Sellers will not be allowed to employ a person under the age of 25 to sell alcohol. There will be no licensing for liquor importation in Zanzibar. Moreover, the Act will reinforce on persons prohibited from drinking alcohol in Zanzibar.

It further states that no person, government department or institution shall be permitted to sell or keep alcohol without a license that permits the sale of the product.

The new Act established an Alcohol Prevention and Control Board which will be mandated to issue licenses and permits in accordance with the Act to hotels, bars, liquor stores, warehouses, and alcohol distribution permit.


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